About Us

Who we are

YAAL MEDIA “A CREATIVE COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION & BROADCASTING COMPANY”. Our Mission: “We not just circulate information. We penetrate the public mind with desires and belief.”

YAAL Media is an off the beaten path, Local TV Channel and Commercial Production company born among the speediest, well known landscapes of the southern railways. While we enjoy working on all kinds of inspired and creative endeavors, we spend most of our time to reaching your brand and business-driven mediums in the public eye. That’s why our clients call us their partner and that’s how we see ourselves, too. We are a group of hard-working, independent-minded, and passionate solution provider.

Our Journey

In mid of 2013, we had dream of our career is to sparkle in the field. The end of 2013 we started our track in small laps. The year turns…2014 begins, we together joined the hands of countless creative professionals, and now we are in the largest coverage area in tamilnadu. We as a commercial video production company decided to show off our wit and sense of humor by basing our output on wrestling. Yes. Professional wrestling. The result is an original and unique that gives us a lot of personality. Personality that would make us feels completely comfortable company for commercial film production & Broadcasting.

Our Team

The team filled with young and well experienced passionate fellows in technical and commercial portfolios. We are very strong in broadcasting techniques and commercial production with single decades of experience.

Our team provides a seamless service to our clients to their business or brand publicity. We fulfil their expectation and we supports to expose their business in all around the landscapes.

For all our actions there would be an opposite reactions as a single word “Success”.

Our Services

The services we offering

  • Cable TV broadcasting
  • Commercial film Production
  • Video editing
  • Event capturing and live broadcasting
  • Reselling the copyrights of movies
  • Program productions
  • Computer graphics working

Yes! we make the rhythm in all your life. That’s our secret of success!